Stakeholder Communism Documentary – Director: Richard Jeffs

…and now the radical but MUCH NEEDED Push-back by Italy, Netherlands, UK and to some degree France (although that voting system is as bent as a shepherd’s crook). Still, Marine le Penn has not seen her full victory yet, she will, for sure. Have you seen the maps of France for pre-final results… Only Paris voted left, the ENTIRE remainder of every regional division in the country voted Marine Le Penn… Every single one! But they suffered the corruption of 200 delegate politicians as defectors who withdrew to bizarrely turn the voting on its head so the opposite came true… The far left won the second stage election leaving a right mess behind their movements. Idiots, one and all (I still have some English left in me :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue::face_with_peeking_eye::joy:)! YaY!


I am pleased to see that more people are focusing on finding the right path, but frustrated that this information is still a revelation for many. There is a growing group of people who understand the structure and are taking proactive measures against it since 2020. These people have been silenced and sabotaged, not only by the mainstream media but mainly by the “freedom fighters” who are unaware that they are being led by planted agents of their enemy. As a result, the majority are kept in a state of arrested development as intended by their leaders. Despite more people understanding the overarching agenda, not enough are aware of how it has been implemented in the UK. The process began with the policies of Blair and his Devolution, influenced by Marxists and Trotskyites. We are often too focused on prominent figures and sensational stories, while the real engine behind this disaster and the solutions are right outside our doors. Saul Alinsky radicals are a good start to building an understanding of the system we are all being invaded with. Cameron officially stated during his time in Parliament that the Saul Alinsky methods of controlling human behavior will be used in the UK to shape British behavior. I recommend listening to the documentaries produced by researcher Mark Windows (windows on the world), who has been compiling information since 2015. This will provide a clear understanding of the global-to-local New World Order, which is a Marxist-driven ultimate goal agenda. There are a significant number of officially published documents, correspondence, and video clips obtained by myself and members of our opposition, and historic facts that could help everyone see the clear picture of the agenda. I will provide at least a part of this information soon when I find spare time. At the moment, myself and others involved have no time to focus on normal life events as every minute of our days since 2020 is dedicated to working towards a solution. It is important for the “freedom fighting” society to avoid being distracted by irrelevant discussions, debates, and exaggerated issues. “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.”


Their “rights” are hardly “right”, but at least they lean more towards socialism than communism.

Hello Richard. I found the shorter video on X tonight and joined right after. I have been going down the rabbit hole since my late teens on and off but more regularly after 9/11. I live in the USA and remember that day like it was yesterday. It is nice to see you and many others wake up to what the 3 letter organizations have been doing and planning. As long as we have internet access and others without are able to get it, the more people around the world that we can reach. This scares those orgs more than anything. There is this saying here: “get off your high horse” which would be said to anyone who thought they were better than others and I feel it is suiting for those orgs. They failed all of us for immense wealth and played a big role in hurting not only people but also all that grows on this beautiful planet.

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I’m honored that you asked. Although disabled, I would do whatever I could for such a worthwhile endeavor. I’m so grateful to see that awful freight train turn around and derail!

Have you a link to the documentary by Mark Windows? (you will have to go back to 2015 to find the first explanation of the global agenda, planned plandemic and all events we experienced since then. ) :slight_smile:
The Final Countdown


It pained me to see Jacinda Ardern’s ardent support of Covid oppression, and the justification of “we’re keeping you safe.” Very Orweillian. I wanted to like her, she was very sweet and relatable.

I came out to New Zealand in 2017 to visit the organization Enspiral in Wellington. Really loved the land and people there and would love to go back sometime. Happy to hear the new governance is reasserting sovereignty. Looks like we all have a lot of work to do, around the world.


Yes. It’s going to be a process.

Totally. An endless wave of crises and distractions are part of the strategy.

This was a major reason why Richard and I decided to develop the forum. We’ve both been silenced, and we sense that there are a huge number of people frustrated by being deplatformed and censored… that all this energy is wanting to go somewhere. So that’s what we’re hoping to cultivate in this space - a place where principles can come into action.

I’m happy with the quality of people we’re already attracting, and looking forward to seeing the group grow.

Oh, I recently added a Meet & Greet section in community. Anyone reading this, feel free to add your profile there. That will be a great place to share your background so we can get to know each other. The community section is only visible to logged in members, so it’s at least not visible to web searches and passerbys.

As “cute” as Ardern presented she was a fully signed up member of the Communist Party and had been since her university days. Added to that as I’m sure you’ll be aware she was one of the two top “groomed” Young Leaders of WEF, the other being Canadian Trudeau …nevertheless, for all her evil ways and smiling plans for New Zealand to fall into the authoritarian grip of the three letter conglomerates…she definitely saw the writing on the wall, the nation was getting heated and angry with her… One thing about Kiwis, we’re no fools! And just like an Italian Cruise Ship Captain she was first off the boat when she saw trouble ahead… An uprising on moderate scale first but a bigger one was going to happen… So she ran for cover to the UN in New York. I was rather hoping for a similar outcome to a prior Romanian Communist Dictator, for all her false “charm”!
On your other point: yes, we as Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) are exceptionally fortunate to live in a stunningly beautiful clean country with awesome scenery, fun, active people and glorious weather… Delighted we treated you well, as expected, in your journey here. Welcome back anytime, there’s so much to do and see!
Mā te wā

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Hi Madeleine… Phew, although shocking as it may be, but this world changing “Great Reset”, One World global control by unelected elites started at the initiation conference in Rio de Janeiro way, way back in 1992… Yes, way before 2015! Creepy, ey?

1992 Was when Agenda21 was first created and published at the UNCED meeting, Brazil. And later, it had to be recreated to Agenda30 when they knew they couldn’t meet the deadline they’d set for themselves, and the people of planet Earth!

And with the Club of Rome even further back in the 1960’s together with The Bildersberg Group of Elites… Look at their membership… All the same ol’ crooks, most unelected to positions of power!

In 1992, the first [United Nations Conference on Environment and Development] UNCED was unleashed.

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Even long before the present time, the New World Order (NWO) has been a longstanding aspiration of Marxist thinkers who have followed in the footsteps of their predecessors. The current framework being advanced has remained largely consistent since the days of Marx, Engels, and Trotsky, who envisioned an NWO through the concept of permanent revolution. The initial form of the NWO, centered around the proletariat, ultimately failed and evolved into the precariat (which now is of course twisted and introduced as the system the commuists targeting,while in fact it is their own creation)
leading to the establishment of institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations as precursors to the future NWO. Figures like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum are merely figureheads and not the true leaders of this movement. It is a disastrous fact that the majority lack comprehensive knowledge and understanding of history, allowing themselves to be easily manipulated and distracted from reality by MSM, Marxist education, and sensational gossip spread by controlled “alternative” sources. The most concerning aspect is the prevalence of a brainwashed, self-absorbed society that rejects the truth and the guidance of those attempting to steer them away from self-destructive behaviors. This cycle of permanent revolution perpetuates a state of arrested development, hindering progress and perpetuating societal turmoil. It is a psychological war people run against themselves exactly as the Marxist enemy wants them to do.

Furthermore, the solution is straightforward, too simplistic for a society that is confused and easily manipulate. It is so uncomplicated that it must be obscured by layers of irrelevant issues and conflicts that people are encouraged to create by themselves in order to divert attention from the open vulnerability of their enemy.