Crowdfund 'Stakeholder Communism 2'

Crowdfund ‘Stakeholder Capitalism 2 – Schwab’s Full Plan, Unveiled!’

Following the success of the feature movie Stakeholder Communism, we invite you to join our crowdfund for the production of the second part, ‘Stakeholder Capitalism 2 – Schwab’s Full Plan, Unveiled!’ in this acclaimed documentary series.

To make the movie production possible and release it for free, we need your help with the production costs. For payments of £100 and above, your name will be credited at the end of the movie. All funders will be credited on the Yellow.Forum platform.


About ‘Stakeholder Capitalism 2 – Schwab’s Full Plan, Unveiled!’
In the first film, investigative filmmaker, Richard Jeffs, investigates our new political system ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’, which was enacted in 2020 by our ruling elites and is currently being mandated by our governments. Richard exposes what Stakeholder Capitalism is, how it works and where it’s come from, as well it’s dark Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity and Net Zero agendas. You can watch the first part here:

In the second part, Richard’s investigation begins with Klaus Schwab’s motive for enacting The World Economic Forum, his attempts to enact Stakeholder Capitalism over the past fifty years and the launch of The Great Reset plan. We then expose Schwab’s timeline of events: the pandemic > lockdowns > Black Lives Matter (exploring the death of George Floyd) > Diversity, Equity & Inclusion > Gender Identity policies and propaganda > Climate Change (Schwab’s Net Zero policies and propaganda) > Wars > Financial Crash > Central Bank Digital Currency > The Fourth Industrial Revolution (jobless economy) > Fifteen Minute Cities > Removing Farms Ownership > Schwab’s Full Indoctrination Story and all the crises that the World Economic Forum are projecting for destabilising societies and transitioning us to full Stakeholder Capitalism. In this movie, we also explore what our world looks like under full Stakeholder Capitalism in 2030.

Richard spent sixteen months working full-time without an income to make the first part in this important series, and he released the film for free. In order to make this next part possible, we need your help funding it. Richard will hire an editor, and assistant producer and a team of researchers to enable us to produce this part in a more professional timely manner. Our funding progress will be updated regularly here.


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