Mainstream Media Initiative

The World Economic Forum have captured mainstream media, but it’s only the heads of the large media organisations who are Stakeholders. The majority of media professionals are indoctrinated by the Stakeholder Capitalism propaganda and are following orders from their superiors on what stories to report.

A global transition to another political system is a significant news story, even for anyone who doesn’t recognise the shift in power over the past four years. This initiative will create awareness throughout the media industry, while encouraging more journalists to report it.

In time, we aim to help journalists, producers and other members of the press recognise they are being manipulated by the Stakeholders in power, and how much of the information they are being required to report is misinformation and disinformation – designed to support our transition to Stakeholder Capitalism.

Once a plan has been formulated, Yellow.Forum co-founder, Richard Jeffs, will launch this initiative to his network in the media industry, which he acquired from working as a TV producer and director of photography. We would like your help designing a plan, as well as helping us reach more journalists.

Step 1
Educate media professionals about our transition to a new political system called Stakeholder Capitalism. As there is considerable evidence surrounding this, it shouldn’t be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

We will begin by sharing this article about Stakeholder Capitalism: ‘Stakeholder Capitalism: One Man’s Mission to Enslave People and Planet’.

This article will be distributed to mainstream journalists with a press release. If anyone has experience writing press releases, we’d love to hear from you.

Step 2
If the previous step doesn’t get a response, we will share Richard’s interview on British Thought Leaders.

You can watch this clip here: (coming soon)

We will provide you regular updates and appreciate your feedback.

Please list your ideas below.

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This is an industry that was close to my heart, as I really enjoyed working in it. I think I can make a big difference here. I have a plan, which I will begin shortly. I’ll keep you posted with everything I do. I might need your support for this one! :grimacing: