Richard Jeffs interview on British Thought Leaders

Investigative filmmaker and Yellow.Forum co-founder, Richard Jeffs, is interviewed by Lee Hall about Stakeholder Capitalism and our ten-year transition called The Great Reset.


Hi Richard, I have just discovered your channel and have begun watching your latest documentary, through

I would really like to speak and support your work. I have been on the receiving end of a media attack by the BBC and am now involved in a project called David vs Goliath. I would very much like to see how we can champion and support your work as much as possible.

Head to to check out the work…

PS Sorry if you’ve already seen this, I am trying different ways to reach you!


Hi Sukh- I am also interested in freedom movements - could we connect?

Hi there, sure happy to. May I ask where your interest lies? Feel free to email me,

This is how i found you.
Epoch Times is amazing. And your efforts appreciated. No need for everyone to be in the dark.

This is a complex area of groups of people out for money and power and ideologists using them to secure their ambitions. Technocracy aligns very well with communism. I regularly read Jeff Nyquist blog and suggest you do too for the intel on commie. Putting the threads together is time-consuming but the picture becomes clearer as the end goal is fascism = state capitalism = global revolution = Leninism .

Hi Sukh, I believe we met in Waterlooville this time last year. If I’m correct then let’s hope Marcus hosts another do this summer and you and Chad come along and let’s chat.