Taking Control of Local Councils/Governments

Since the Stakeholders launched The Great Reset transition to Stakeholder Capitalism in 2020, they have been indoctrinating us with Stakeholder Capitalism’s Inclusive and Sustainable ideas. Many Councillors and Governors are naively driving these draconian policies, unaware that they are acting as agents for Stakeholders Capitalism.

The Stakeholders Capitalism propaganda has been very effective; most Councillors and Governors believe the fact that our world leaders are undemocratically transitioning us to a global, authoritarian political system is a dangerous right-wing conspiracy theory.

Anyone in government positions who are indoctrinated by the Stakeholder Capitalism ideas are no longer fit for office, due to them being unable act in the interest of their constituents and protect their civil liberties. Is imperative that they are immediately replaced with people who are who have not been co-opted.

This initiative is designed to find the best plan for achieving this, as well as create a model that can be adopted by communities around the globe.

Below: Stakeholder Communism confronts Glastonbury Council in the UK (from the film Stakeholder Communism).

We’d love to hear your ideas, and we’ll be progressing with this initiative soon.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this initiative? :thinking:

The actions of the fake opposition leaders and their misguided followers, often referred to as “useful idiots,” at the councils were performed too late and were intended to sabotage the real opposition that had begun efforts to dismantle the system at the start of the pandemic. There is much to tell about the infiltrated movements across the UK, which follow a classic and, to be honest, boring Marxist template to manipulate angry people. Unfortunately, this method has worked before and continues to work throughout the distant and recent history of humanity. I have firsthand experience with this system, having grown up in Poland. It was not communist Poland, as many people believe, but rather socialist Poland. Poland never officially achieved communist status due to the resistance of the Polish nation. As a student, I was active in the underground Solidarity movement, and I can confirm that what we are experiencing now, both here and around the globe, is exactly, really exactly the same to what people behind the iron curtain struggled with for 40 years. Despite the victory in dismantling the evil Marxist psychopaths, Poland was ultimately defeated again, this time by an infiltrated church that pulled the nation back into the clutches of the EU. I am attaching a glimpse of the real action that had been taken in early days of the marxist invasion in 2021. This of course was massively sabotaged by “freedom fighters” and “truthers” who distracted everyone with irrelevant sensational stories about symbols and all sort of nonsenses . Petition Public Vote Of No Confidence In Teignbridge District Council & A Call For A Local Referendum

Thanks Richard its good to see this.

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@madeleine To provide some further background on what you are saying:

There is a book “Live Not By Lies” (interview with author) that documents the similarities between what happened in the Bolshevik Revolution and the woke movement in modern day United States. You can extrapolate to other countries - just look at the methods described and you’ll see them happening not far from home. The author Rod Dreher covers things from a Christian perspective that may not appeal to all - but the historical facts certainly present a valuable lesson.

In 1983 Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector, gave a talk on “Subversion” - a set of techniques designed to undermine and destroy a culture from within. Within this talk he mentions:

  • demoralizing (destroying a person’s moral compass, which renders them unable to prioritize and move into action)
  • creating confusion around gender identity
  • destroying faith in the religious institutions
  • doing anything and everything to distract from productivity

The ultimate goal of subversion is to divide and breakdown the country and move it towards either civil war or invasion. I don’t know about you but I see everything he’s talking about being done where I live (USA). I don’t know whether it’s actors domestic or foreign, but I can see the writing on the wall that the shift is happening.


Also look up the Cloward Piven strategy. That is what is being implemented worldwide.

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This brief summary outlines the Great Reset agenda, drawing from my firsthand experiences growing up in Poland and the past 35 years living in London. Observing the gradual erosion of societal values, particularly following Blair’s victory, I have engaged in numerous public talks and talk shows to educate others on how this agenda operates and potential solutions. I have realized that people struggle to comprehend complex information and prefer simple, repeatable templates. Despite the challenges, I have simplified the main points of the agenda to make it more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. https://youtu.be/N8FoTkP25TI?si=RyM6bEdJa9qagN4j

Sounds pretty spot on @madeleine. Are there ongoing efforts in your area to push back?

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Absolutely, locally and nationwide. I decided to join the Heritage Party due to the lack of support from the public as David Kurten is the only real opposition politician. Over the past few years, we have been tirelessly working to challenge the Marxist beast. It has been a difficult journey as our efforts are met with attempts to silence, defame, infiltrate, and all the usual communist tactics used to destroy us. However, this is not unexpected, we are not going anywhere :wink:

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